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[Huawei's music] Introduction

Huawei's music is music player, huawei mobile phone built-in system designed to provide users with "one-stop" work style of music experience. Without installing third-party music software, enjoy the mass music resources from the Internet. Highlight

immersive interface, pure and fresh and interface 】 【 broadcast interface with music color changes;
【 rich content 】 comprehensive upgrade library, swimming in follow music experience;
new desktop lyrics 】 【 desktop lyrics, support font, color adjustment;
a key search, listening to music is music 】 【 good music no longer miss;
landscape 】 【 cool exhaust screen, give yourself a surprise;
no longer worry about personal song song ChanYun synchronous 】 【 single missing;
a music do cut 】 【 and DIY. Updated version

[new] play sound effects and equalizer
[new] lyrics by cutting cutting according to the time
[new] support custom plays
a [new] button to delete the recent broadcast function
[new] support add hum search desktop shortcut
[new] lyrics operation adjustment
[new] lyrics support custom size and color
[new] cache clearing function more detailed classification
[new] search lyrics and cover apart
[new] online music to upgrade to the shrimp new music library, library more rich, personalized recommendation to enhance
[new] guess you like radio channel, and day's recommended playlists, collect the more accurate the more intelligent recommendation
[new] support online search results according to singer, song, album, song single classification show
[new] can directly see the singer when play songs online information, album
common problem:
1, the updated small desktop tool loading failure?
a: in case of this situation, please try to restart the cellular phone.
2, such as how to carry out random \ \ single loop playback mode switch?
a: songs played into the interface, click on the lower left corner play mode icon to switch.

upgrades are required to read music player a new version EMUI system library comprehensive upgrade, the original mobile, China unicom operator music monthly business will follow upgrade failed, please order the unicom, mobile music flow monthly business Migu member users upgrade again to cancel the business operation in advance. Otherwise will cause unnecessary operators deduction.
if you have any questions, please edit "EMUI music + your problem" to "huawei EMUI" official WeChat.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version: Size:11.85

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