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[Goodev Latitude] Introduction

An Update to Google the 2.0, now can remember the authorization, for the & # 39; t need auth everytime.if you revoke the access from the Google account (
you need authorize again. More info:

Update GPS data to Google latitude server.
Especially in China, sometimes We can not use the Google Maps to upload the GPS info to Google Latitude server, so I develop the app.
If you can use Google Maps, You can just use Maps to sync your Location info.

first use:
Click the " Authentication" button to auth this app.
then you can upload your GPS info to Google Latitude server.

*NOTE: If your country blocked the Google services(Like China, sometimes we can not login to Google service. Search GFW for the answer), sometimes this app will not work.*
more info :

*Need Internet connection. Requires to reauthorize when app restarts*

同步手机GPS信息到Google Latitude(谷歌纵横)服务器,记录和分享您的位置信息.

这个程序最初只是为了在OPhone手机上同步个人的GPS信息的,因为OPhone不能安装谷歌地图导致无法使用谷歌地图里面的纵横服务来同步GPS信息,如果您的手机已经能使用谷歌地图可以使用里面的纵横功能来代替本程序。 But is not very frequent vertical and horizontal synchronous frequency, if you want to continuous record of your travel information, you can also use this program. But please note: the continuous long time synchronization information of using network and GPS service consumption lead to very battery, please try to use when plug in car charger!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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