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[Check the inner eye] Introduction

Software introduction 1. The total amount of enterprise information query Support for multiple keywords query, no registration, verification code, to provide customers with high quality enterprise information query service.
2. Community map shape relationships: based on the eye check map database, eye check any subject can be realized by the relevant couplet of rendering, and can be filtered on a variety of relations.
3. The relation of the depth of mining Support for all individuals, businesses and other relations, the depth of the mining and support can be infinite hierarchy mining, and automatically generate diagram.
4. Multiterminal display: eye check support across the terminal data analysis and display, provide a rich interaction effect, support for multiple devices synergy analysis and display.
5. Authoritative report: eye check to support the report printing and industrial and commercial printing, eye can format to export more, a powerful official endorsement information, effectively reduce the working process.
6. Hint: risk remind push support focuses on enterprises, the focus of enterprises there is any change in the industrial and commercial information, eye check can be real-time delivery, so that users insight into risk, timely response.
7. Data fusion: support integration user has its own data, can easily will has its own data and the data fusion eye.
8. Big data consulting services to provide integration consulting services, based on in key industries and areas of business acumen and technical expertise and data advantage, put forward feasible Suggestions and provide efficient solutions.

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