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[Flash master] Introduction

Flash master is the world's first Android based phones (Android) client key flash software. Cumbersome compared to traditional flash software without way through PC, can be directly flash phone end, simple and quick, anytime, anywhere, want to brush brush. Flash master built-in ROM market, can provide huge amounts of ROM for users to download, cloud at the same time the introduction of advanced technology, to provide users with perfect flash experience, open palm flash new era.Flash master is by the shenzhen team to establish the letter with a disruptive product android system, for the majority of mobile phone users to provide full is simple, reliable, safe and efficient flash experience. With flash master cloud service, make your cell phone just moment.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:2.0.4 Size:2.55M

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