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[WeChat GIF expression] Introduction

product synopsis 】 【 GIF expression is a completely free dynamic figure WeChat, weibo, QQ chat APP, chat tools, necessary support in WeChat, QQ, weibo microblogging sent in all kinds of expressions.
force show MOE, open expression of communication new chat mode, experience the most non-super day chat tools allow you to install forced to let you fly, apply to QQ chat with WeChat.
collection of, base, cool, drag the latest expression content such as expression emperor, seconds kill friends of the earth off the residue of expression.

website: bq. Jiefu. TV
official weibo:
WeChat ID: gifaaa
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our characteristics 】 【 1, reality expression: the beauty, the handsome boy, uncle, the little girl
2, the connotation: turn off the light, sleeping, cannons, to kiss
3, the most lovely: stay of silly dogs, cats, rabbits, baby
4, the most silly B: otaku, corruption female, gay friends, good friends share:
5, a key quickly sent to WeChat, QQ, weibo microblogging
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friendship remind 】 【 suggested that under the condition of WIFI to download all expressions package!
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special thanks 】 【 dynamic figure funny on wall map, cartoon pictures, a key sharing, beautiful animation artifact, cartoon and the diffuse, factories, color, Emoji facial expressions and SMS send assistant, the picture show, camera, hu, deng chao, Venus, anglebaby, big mouth monkey, gold curator, kung fu panda

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.1.6 Size:6.57M

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