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Where to eat, accommodation, travel will not worry about tickets? Now as long as through the Chinese eat, live, line platform mobile client, can travel easily, easy to have a meal, accommodation, easily save money and happy! Eat, live, line platform for each big eater, travelers can provide exquisite practical travel tips, accommodation strategy to provide travel accommodation reservation service, restaurant recommendations, the choice of travel in quick way, there are detailed eat, live, line, practical information, price transparency; Eat, live, in a rapidly changing business platform for the enterprise to build the new fast, stable communication platform. At the same time, also for enterprises to set up the image in the mobile Internet, expand business channels, expanding foreign exchange, to carry out the electronic commerce has opened up a time and a convenient way. "eat, live, line information is on your side!" ChiZhuHang platform of China sincerely welcome all businessmen and friends from all walks of life to our friendly cooperation in all directions, allows us to better serve customers in the domestic and foreign markets open awareness; Make domestic and foreign enterprises, can quickly grasp to eat, live, line information, for clients to bring unlimited wonderful! & have spent
gorgeous future share in China to eat, live, line platform! & have spent

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