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[Zoner AntiVirus Free] Introduction

Zoner Mobile Security
the Tablet version

Zoner AntiVirus® Free software for your device developed by a modern security, antivirus software. It can not only provide electricity and information protection and can prevent the virus, the dialer, trojans, worms and other malicious software program.

users can use with standard EICAR Test files the application Test of this anti-virus software:
Zoner AntiVirus Test
or EICAR Anti - virus get Test
or AntiVirus TESTVIRUS

product features:
* theft protection (find and control your device)
* installed application protection

* * access and manual scanning phone filtering capabilities (functions) calls and information is
* false lock
* permission browser

* * task manager widget

* security information

theft protection can make you by SMS to your device for remote control and positioning. If you lost somewhere equipment, you can locate and have warned about it and prompt attention
. If lost, you will be notified when a SIM card change.

application protection function check whether all new program with malware. Any user can scan function in the table has been shipped.

access protection function is also available to scan all the downloaded file and scan insert the memory card.

phone filtering can stop users don't want to receive SMS, MMS, also can prevent malicious program called pay number. To exhale call special offer false lock function.

security information means you can do this by SMS, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other ways to send encrypted message.
Zoner AntiVirus use strong encryption technology, send the selected information in the form of unreadable. Only have the correct key (password) of the recipient, was able to read the information.

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Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.8.1 Size:1.15M

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