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Elegant with built-in cloud stacks, best-selling, emotion, management, history, literature, self-help, classic, fantasy, fix true, online games, infinite flow, urban, such as network super popular novels. Free 200000 novel, and understand the book reading together!Android version of the elegant gathering is a the most popular, well received by the clubs of free software. Provide users with the best reading experience, support TXT, epub, PDF and other mainstream format, software integration cloud stacks, massive books, cross-platform share enjoy reading fun. We are committed to building the mobile Internet "palm reading is the most easy to use tool, and the most to force the cloud stacks".Software features:1, the integrated platform of cloud stacks. The cloud library: download, search, reading, management, sharing and other functions as one of the service platform.2, bring their own schedule, according to the be clear at a glance how much each chapter read (can also be a key to remove). With powerful bookmarks management function, save multiple bookmarks. Record more wonderful.Styles 3, multiple themes, read more good mood, and set up the night theme, according to the switch. Also can set the switch themes, shaking reading will also cool.4, rival ibooks flip effect. With four pages, there is always a right for you.5, PDF books with two types of pages, unique way of 3 d page allows you to read books and pleasing to the eye, and with the trimming function.6, top ranking, new scoring ranking, classification of books, books, my library, powerful function of the cloud stacks, follow one's inclinations, free download.7, unique directory functions, help you classify to manage your books, and render the bookshelf, a list of two kinds of ways to display your books, with pinyin search function.8, in the process of reading, have any comments, can immediately by weibo, E-mail, text messages to share with friends.9, integration, simple transfer function for traditional users.Have any questions, problems, Suggestions, please email to [email protected] join a QQ group: 174806216

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:3.02 Size:8.72M

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