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[X-ray camera] Introduction

Use your mobile camera to create a real - time X - Ray style view.

The best X - ray Camera software! This app creates a real - time X - ray style vision. Looks like and feels like the and a contributor like a real X - ray vision. Check out the video!

This is totally marketers than all the other x - ray apps because one later USES your camera.

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the Features:
* Real - time X - ray like image from your camera!!
* the Supports of the front facing camera if available (take x - ray style photos of yourself)
* Skull and hand templates (hand to in one of the screenshots)
* Nice x - ray style sound effect when moving camera
* Enable flash to cause the Nice effects (see the video, caution: do not keep your flash enabled for long periods)
* Save images you see on the screen by a single button press
* images are saved to the SD card -

Make your friends impressed by just waving your phone around with this super cool camera application!

This is the free version. There 's a paid version without the ads of the available.

If this software doesn 't work on your phone both please contact us with the details via E-mail ([email protected], both please write in English). This contributes to giving you all the best experience with our software.

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best X-ray camera software! This program creates a real-time X-ray visual style. Looks, feels like and sounds like a real X-ray vision. Check out the video!!!

this is better than all the other application of X ray is completely different, because this is actually using your camera.

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& have spent * such as real-time X-ray images from your camera!
& have spent * also supports a front-facing camera (go your own X-ray photo style)
& have spent * skull and hand template (hand screenshots)
& have spent * nice sound mobile X-ray style camera
& have spent * enable flash caused great effect (see video, caution: don't keep for a long time your flash enabled)
& have spent * save you see the image on the screen, just press a button
& have spent * save images to your SD card

please friends leave deep impression just waving your phone, the camera application of cool!

this is free version. Without advertising can also have a paid version.

if the software on your mobile phone doesn't work, please contact us by E-mail the details of the ([email protected], please write in English). This helps you with our software is the best possible experience.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.0.16 Size:659K

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