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[3 d panoramic camera] Introduction

Photaf - the best android?? To create panoramic oid application process

using the camera and the direction sensor accurately know each photo shooting Angle, easy to create beautiful, seamless 360 panoramic photos.

is completed, you can use your mobile phone, mobile phone use on the compass, a panoramic view of the complete around the touch screen.

check Photaf panoramic view of the online gallery and get a better view, sign in at

product features:

low automatic Mosaic
* create a 360 - degree panoramic
uploaded to the website of, and view from your computer!
low Facebook panoramic view of the share - share with your friends!
low pinch to zoom in,
"move to SD
low set to dynamic wallpaper (Pro)
low HD model (Pro)
low use camera in portrait mode (Pro versions)
low export to library document folder
low optimization honeycomb - engineering on the MOTOROLA XOOM, asus Transformer, the samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and all the other cellular

please read carefully the troubleshooting section of the bellows, because it can help the common problems.

common problems and troubleshooting:

low can't shoot the next image \ sensor not accurate movement following

this is a compass calibration problem, turn to Photaf picture mode and before the first picture, filming in a digital figure 8 waving your phone in your device reset magnetometer.

can't create a document, be sure to use a valid document name

usually, this is a mistake in document creation, because the SD card is not available, in whole or damaged.
this error might pop up when the specified name already exists.

please try the following:
- use different unique name
- make sure the SD card is not installed to your PC through USB
- make sure you have enough space on your SD card
- from SD to your computer will be some unused documents, sometimes too many documents SD may lead to problems

- restart your equipment

's MOTOROLA defy is wrong color

use despised hackers "option, in the set. Then, panoramic view of the restitch.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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[3 d panoramic camera] Download Address

Latest version:3.2.3 Size:5.84M

[Download to PC] [Download to Mobile]
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