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[Happy pinyin] Introduction

Happy pinyin is designed for children to learn Chinese pinyin to build a full range of quick learning software, software is illustrated, vivid and interesting speech interpretation and animation effects, allows you to learn easy and interesting.

happy pinyin is also the most complete set of Chinese pinyin mobile phone learning software, baby is the best tool to study Chinese pinyin software.

by the software, you can learn more knowledge of pinyin from the following aspects:

1, "hear", each phonetic alphabet have complete knowledge of interpretation, make you relaxed learning pronunciation, writing, and structure of the letter, and interactive teaching by means of phonetic pronunciation of the new letters, etc;

2, "said," each phonetic alphabet has various tones of the complete law interpretation, let you not only learn the phonetic alphabet, and mastered the tone of pinyin law knowledge;

3, "write", each phonetic alphabet has a complete written explanation, in the form of graphics, animation and sound on the phonetic alphabet writing;

4, "practice", after completion of each pinyin learning, equipped with a number of practice questions, you can practice by means of the interactive operation and consolidate & quot; Listen & quot; , & quot; Said & quot; , & quot; Write & quot; Such as part of the study to the knowledge of the phonetic alphabet.

5, interactive learning, each phonetic alphabet of the interaction are configured with the appropriate steps in the process of learning, such as your fingers to operate the pronunciation interacts with reading, writing, practice topic selection methods such as interactive learning;

all learning content is offline resources in this software, do not need to download online and real time, let you anytime and anywhere, easy to learn.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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