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[Pay treasure to HD] Introduction

Alipay android Pad client is paying treasure to Pad out the client software, as long as pay treasure to Pad on your Pad installed client, you pay water and electricity gas broadband fee anytime and anywhere, anytime and anywhere mobile phone top-up, taobao and other merchants orders pay, confirm the goods, to the other paypal account to payment, account deposits, withdrawal, query function, register and update,
let you rest assured to pay anytime and anywhere! Enjoy the wireless payment life!
【 features 】
1. The more credit: 7 * 24 hours phone toll station, can be prepaid phone service for themselves and their friends and relatives, all over the country all can use,
2. Payment: water, electricity, coal on the phone to complete the pay of water, electricity, coal, life application more convenient
3. I want to payment: click payment, instant to account, make you more easily transfer with relatives and friends
4. Account withdrawal: support the pay treasure account to extract the payment to the bank account
5. I'm gathering: support to both single-player and multiplayer initiate payment transactions, the problem of payment, use mobile phones to solve.
6. Consumption records: all transaction record, payment details inquiry, clear.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version: Size:3.61M

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