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[Love HD wallpaper] Introduction

The world's first cross-platform application service professional wallpaper, provide huge amounts of high-quality wallpaper, beautify the desktop, the lock screen.
[characteristics description]
1. High quality wallpaper, list, select, project, push the new 365 days;
2. Close service, classification, tag, search, collect, synchronization;
3. Automatic replacement, timing regular, lock screen unlock many forms in the desktop;
4. Somehow the compatibility, single and free scrolling wallpaper patterns as setting;
5. Features, color filter, guess like, much equipment data synchronization;
6. The picture stories, exclusive picture origin, reveal behind story;
7. The lock screen wallpaper, dazzle colour lock screen, solve a single lock screen wallpaper embarrassed;
8. Save flow, automatic cache pictures, more cache clearing function, remove storage CARES;
9. Puzzle, wallpaper support exchange, rubik's cube, play game hua-rong-dao type 3 different difficulty.

note: without the lock screen wallpaper Android users, please click the following enabled: more - Settings - the lock screen wallpaper function - installation, run after the return to [the lock screen wallpaper function] open can.
special: love wallpaper HD comprehensive support Android, iOS, theculmination, Windows, Mac

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version: Size:5.62M

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