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[To speak cantonese] Introduction

Learn standard cantonese pronunciation software required!
starting from the basic pronunciation, advanced step by step, at the same time, let you fluent singing cantonese songs, port of TVB drama, cantonese movies no distress due to focus on the subtitles and ignoring the plot. To visit guangdong tourism, business, no longer use the translation, can speak authentic cantonese and cantonese.

introduction 】 【 1, basic study:
from basic began to learn pinyin, cantonese nine sound tuning table, table finals and initials table, laying a standard foundation for authentic cantonese.
2, advanced learning:
daily cantonese dialogues, vocabulary drills, cantonese and mandarin translation, more and more to learn.
3, cantonese song, port of TVB drama
music superstar every teach sing cantonese song, port of TVB drama, cantonese movies don't worry about no mandarin version, easily understand cantonese.

updates 】 【 big changes! To build the best cantonese learning software
1, modify learning cantonese recruit some error data
2, optimization of cantonese songs played and browsing speed
3, improve product quality audio

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