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Open new adventure voyage National Adventure Reviews

Author:Admin Source: Update: 03-11-2015
Review:Ten years ago , Adventure Island Online just landed in China , 2D side-scrolling style of play in the country set off a boom . Ten years later , the same adventure theme , the same 2D, universal adventure This tour allows us to retrie
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open adventure SIA Chengquan Min Adventure evaluation


A decade ago, Adventure Island Online has just landed in China, 2D side-scrolling style of play in the country set off a boom. Ten years later, the same adventure theme, the same 2D, the people of this great adventure tour so that we hand back the memories once, but turned into a hand-side swim swim, card-style design but also to better adapt mobile terminals.

open adventure SIA Chengquan Min Adventure evaluation


universal adventure with a turn-based gameplay, with a lineup of nine palaces format, greatly improving the strategic battle, and in each round, players can choose normal attacks, storage and release skills. Each round heroes will restore some energy, energy storage is also a quick reply energy approach, in order to release the skills to the next round. Lazy essential features are an automatic start fighting can be used without any threshold.

open a new voyage of adventure Adventure universal evaluation
 open adventure adventure SIA Chengquan Min evaluation

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4 turn Sharpshooter skill books where the explosion? 4 turn bishop task then how? Surely these questions are some impressions of the old players, career choices and transfer processes are very important in the game, and every step irreversible, so we are very cautious. Adventures in the national tour of the same hand with the transfer of play, and the game contains a bow and arrow line, warriors series, Pastor Department, Department of thieves, the Master series, Peter Pan series, Warlock series, and many other occupations, each job transfer map are very intuitive to show in the eyes of the players, as long as the hero reaches a certain level, the transfer can be carried out with the transfer material. Transfer after the hero will learn more talent, a substantial increase in combat.

open adventure SIA Chengquan Min Adventure Reviews (2)
 open adventure SIA Chengquan Min Adventure Review (2)


Maple currency trading center into two free markets and trading centers. Free market just simply buying and selling, and other games of the mall is no different, and we do not introduce too much. Maple currency trading center in the list of the most unique is the ups and downs, the game goods prices are up and down, which is in our hands to play tour, which is simply buying stocks ah!

This transaction forms design makes more rich social elements in the game, it is worth the other hand travel to learn.

open adventure SIA Chengquan Min Adventure Reviews (2)

Man Ling Software developed the first universal card masterpiece adventure on January 9 formally opened the closed beta testing. Icon from the game we saw Meng Meng clatter of small mushrooms, small partners have no feeling of deja vu? Ten years ago, the Adventure Island Online gives us a wonderful time, and now all the people on the mobile side adventure opens up adventure The new route, adventurous players compete under this blessed!

〃 ex demo a couple of days time to decide to give us universal adventure of evaluation, the evaluation of the past, we may wish to adopt a few keywords to multi-angle hand taste of the people of this great adventure travel. Spoilers about, this hand is very high playability tour Oh!

open a new voyage of adventure universal Adventure Reviews (2)


contention mean checkpoint battle. When players Samsung this copy clearance levels, we can participate in the battle for points. In contention during the winning side will be magic pet, the lords name also appears in the panel, can be used as bragging. This play is designed so that players can experience the fun of PVP competitive, no longer blindly immersed in a boring single copy.


The evaluation Kahn from the perspective of the keywords bring you a taste of this hand travel, universal adventure delete files in this test performance is very stunning, interactive play very diverse, strong strategic battle also provides rich loot. The downside is that the probability of the mall to get a hero's draw card is not very high, and trading center in the soul stone hero get up to 40 threshold, so players Rising Star will be very difficult. Delete the file test is inevitable that some deficiencies, but this performance was very hand travel to force out of 10 points, then scored Kahn was given 7.8 points.

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