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[Moto x] Introduction

, jumping and collision by the vagaries of the terrain in the game the best mobile bicycle, motorcycle Mayhem varieties in your way!

using accelerometer technology to balance your motorcycle, you fly over big to climb and jump! As you enjoy the impact of the real physical recoil see you or around you, when you crash the rider to rebound. Competition, it is to limit the Mayhem of the online fastest motocross rider scoreboard.

? Entertainment doll in physics.
? Work cycle.
? The position of the tilting control speed up your driver.
? Fun and challenging terrain.
? You feel good.
? Addictive game.
? Online scoreboard!

? Lose a life increased by 1 second, the total time on you. So, on the bike to achieve your best time!
? Keep your tires after fast line on the ground.
? Forward, climbing the mountain is very good.
? Did not start the timer, until you hit the gas or the brake!
? Seize the rider with finger or closed, and he cast into the map of your bike.
? Poke at a specific level? Try in practice way: give it directly!

according to the or we

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version: Size:24.43M

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