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[Pocket RPG] Introduction

Pocket RPG Pocket the world will be in the form of 3 d phenotype, to let the player the eerie, and monsters in the dungeon, and to increase the intensity of the fighting and will explore more did not reach. On the screen process performance and combat experience, Pocket RPG has many commendable place. Blademaster great-hearted melee attacks, battle mage spells, as well as the dark ranger agile action, can let players from different perspectives to experience the game. And the game of the enemy is varied, the form of attack is also each are not identical. From basic melee attacks, miscellaneous disease to senior monster: a powerful attack, monster magic attack to the legal system, can say once the player lightly will experience their brew a bitter fruit. Game soundtrack can foil a dungeon adventure of tension, at the same time fighting sound can also experience the more exciting battle process. The form of the operation of the game for the virtual joystick, can choose a fixed position of virtual virtual rocker rocker and trigger type two kinds of mode, players can choose according to their own needs. Games will provide blademaster, battle mages and dark ranger three different professions. Different professions will have their own special features and advantages, it will also have their own shortcomings. Fencing master will, for example, has a powerful melee attack, and with a ranged attack ability, but more depend on the equipment and operation ability; While the battlemages has a strong multiple attribute magic, can undertake various forms of attack, and it can bring different attributes to the enemy's bad condition, but resistance to strike capability is a weakness, and also will have certain request for operation; The ranger's accuracy, is good at long distance attacks can bring icy death to the enemy, but melee attacks will is a paladin. Note: the game is a single Korean edition, first download the ARM - Verify the plugin (much market search ARM plug-in), do not run, the installation of the main program to open. Enter the game will be 2 times out of ARM - Verify error, direct point forcibly closed.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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