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[The goddess of the constellation] Introduction

Goddess of the New Year, the first sign subject to develop mobile game "constellation goddess" large expansion "guild war" with the "new" arrival: hero artifact system, trigger a fight artifact exclusive skills; Challenge a copy of the new play "o", new era challenge customs clearance; "New" super prize pool wash for orange artifact, orange star soul, hero, crystallization, equipment rising star stone a rich reward. Many other elements of willfulness to join. The battle of the warrior, how shall a new round of goddess in the call, to fight for the goddess together! This update new content: 【 fight hero artifact, triggering a new skill 】 1. Artifact into force, magic, sensitive, auxiliary, poison 5 kinds of basic types, each hero can only wear matching with its own type or generic artifact. 2. Artifacts including green, blue, purple and orange 4 kinds of quality, quality affect the artifact initial attribute, basic attribute of the number and the number of skills, the highest artifact has four basic attributes and the ability to five artifact. 3. The players through the attribute values, with the basis of the improved artifact artifact artifact skills forging activation is needed to take effect, strengthen to activate the artifact skills after a certain level. 4. The player can shop by following the blood climb the tower and the collection of artifacts pieces, called artifact fragments or complete artifact. [battle and ghost tower, new era challenge customs clearance] 1. Players reaches a certain level, a copy of the open challenge the new play "o tower". 2. O tower 10 layers, each layer contains 10 levels, level increasing difficulty with o tower layer, main rewards for hero artifact fragments. 3. In the same layer of challenges in the process of life value is not reply, all the CARDS killed CARDS are not raised. The layer to customs clearance, need to start from the first level for the next day. 4. The customs clearance after a layer, the layer will be locked, can no longer be a challenge. 【 dozen copies, lit fireworks from reward 】 1. Between the Spring Festival, all copies additional random drop material making fireworks. 2. The Spring Festival fireworks has three types, lit fireworks can be rewarded. 3.3 types of fireworks corresponding to three different rewards, players can undertake choosing according to their own needs when making fireworks. 【 initiative cross-server battle, to the goddess and glory 】 1. Perhaps you already in this lonely at the top, see the mountains small, and the opening of the new expansion, let you have the opportunity to outland battlefield, compete with other server guild! Guild wars 2 adopt new melee mode, led by your guild members, continuously break each other's defensive barriers, predatory strategy points, until the final victory! 3. Rich personal rewards and all the council award, with incomparable glory, waiting for you for every week! Goddess will be full with challenges of the hero, with the goddess of evolution, wait for you will be pleasantly surprised, give you the greatest care and help

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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