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App Type:Role Adventure

[Every day the water] Introduction

"The daily show is first shuihu 3 d drawing style fusion, 2015 comic wind action mobile game! Absorbed the essence of many classic mobile game and subversive created many unique style, bring brand-new action mobile game experience to players. More elegant character, cool special effects, numerous shuihu bawcock, ever-changing team waiting for you to fight! Let you experience the real action mobile game, overturn inner action mobile game you define! The game features 】 say goodbye to the plane figure Also you Q of 3 d water margin heroes invited top art team, 3 d fine water margin heroes, acme full-screen skill effects, micro combat experience breaks no brain patterns Feature duplicates of waiting for you to fight features strong hit, and the single mode to say goodbye, hero lineup combination collocation, new gameplay deduce new show water every day Water margin heroes fight evil god different world new water margin heroes, summon individuality hero, against different world powerful demon god, deduce new show extremely wise strategy to fight Full screen big recruit master energy arena for full release, go against the special effects shock eyes, broken, following realistic combat skills and release "the daily show unique combines classic anime elements and shuihu story, 2015 rise of domestic work! Sweeping sublimation of sporting action fighting game, innovative features of the copy, make sports games need wisdom and strategy. In addition, the new design of the water margin heroes 3 d model bringing you the world, let you experience the palm micro fair arena.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.1.0 Size:90.90M

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