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[Lanling king] Introduction

【 introduction 】"Lanling king" tour is based on the authority of the same name the film and television play hand action martial arts game, against three camps, accompanied by five goddess shi spoil, thousands of sets of cool fashion, innovation operation mode, cool casting skills effects, fingertips, in players control! Experience the 2014 best action tour, in "lanling king"!The game features.Characteristic one: the operation of the new design concept, powerful automatic navigation functions, allowing you to experience a finger can play ARPG gamePVP instant against feature 2: the three camps, ornate table combat special performance, skills, qigong and other multiple collocation derived rich tacticsThree characteristics: strong role cultivation system, skill moves, internal work and shi pet and so on the many kinds of training course, the player freedom to cultivate ideal character attributesFour characteristics: to pull breeze mount system again, accompanied by five great goddess, river's lake road no longer lonelyThe five characteristics: strong interaction system, combining with the voice of the most popular way, zero distance communicationFeatures 6: reverse the PVE hand tour system, unique innovation "shake" team mode such as your experience【 generous reward 】In the traditional game model, the players often for prop fell to meet the growing demand. And "lanling king" first self-sufficient reward model, improved copies, BOSS, activity drops reward, let players can through the efforts to improve, earn enough task, upgrade the props, the maximum reduction in the game "the gap between rich and poor", restore the most pure fun and games, make the fair game environment!The warm prompt 】Official micro letter: micro llw_youxi focus on official letter for the latest information, how to play the strategy, continuous activity.Combat experience instant pleasure, the most great action game! Player 1 group: 258130258 such as the problems encountered in the gaming experience or payment process, please send mail to [email protected]

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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