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In the gourmet coaster series racing games, all of which use the same basic rules, and had a similar mechanism. In each game, players control the car in a variety of game, the goal is to win the game./career mode in the game, players have to win a series of games, to solve the vehicle, track, etc., before a game players to choose the vehicle race and the choice of selective transport vehicles, including automatic and manual gearbox. All the series of the game have some form of multiplayer mode allows players through the game image segmentation, LAN or Internet. Despite sharing the same name as the game, intonation and focused on the game significantly different, in the form of one kind or another. For example, in some games may suffer from machinery and visually impaired, and in the other car is not damaged in the game, some have a physical game, that is to say, the method of software to simulate the behaviour of a real car, are reminiscent of the real vehicle, and other games have tolerance physical (i.e., experienced some curve with the fastest speed). With the release of gourmet coaster: underground, the series will focus on racing exotic sports cars scenic point to point, evocative import/open car tuner subculture and street racing on the urban environment. So far, this topic has remained the most popular game.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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