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[Mad crazy racing (seen)] Introduction

Japan established manufacturers Namco racing game.

edit comments: Japan established manufacturers Namco racing game.

New stores a racing game, cartoon rendering method, image quality is general, but have a comfortable recreational style. Average operation, play as a racing game with popular nowadays, spoil the exciting style racing game to play, might as well try this toward a new work.

Game operation no surprise, as expected, the compasses and props around the release button. Play with some popular racing game, pick up props, when moving fast, props to frequent harassment, until you reach the finish line to win.

Like some high inadequate low not similar works, this feel is also poor, in turn, collision and the use of props, can feel not smooth animation beating and lag. Although this is only small level, but in terms of the nature of racing, feel is smooth or not, almost dominated the whole works quality evaluation.
Fortunately, this recreational sex not common, there is no such as strengthen the plug-in, drifting & other; Play high content & throughout; , purely to win gold, buy the car (4) open map, don't need to bother in competition outside of the content, and the initial game of leisure feeling very fit.

Support stand-alone game, against and wifi networking mode, not rich, but also enough pastime.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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