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[God will be the legend] Introduction

The game content:"God will legend OL" is a specially designed for mobile phone tailor-made mmos. Combines the classic style of traditional RPG game, and combines the web game relaxed and casual game mode. This game is to level of animation effects comparable to PC! Very low flow around 200 KB per hour! The human most easily operating mode! Has become one of the most popular large mobile phone gamesTaken the horizontal version of the novel turn-based game, a grand view of the world, the more significant gods will surprise, like place oneself in the imperial sword flying the wonders of the world;Taken the route of three professional dozens of different life you choose, the blood boiling PvP arena to create the most lofty sentiments chivalrous man experience;U will recruit, evocation hunting god, character training, equipment, strengthen, and god beast mounts for transfers-will, ancient treasures... Capabilities to develop all-round team system, do you want to be unknown rider or XiuXian ace can; Taobao recruit, behead demon in addition to the fruit machine, indiana, many large copy... Taken into the fashionable style, in the most gorgeous of the operation of the quality, the most relaxed leisure game, only 200 k per hour traffic consumption characteristic, make the blood XianXia world dream!Setting:Shang yuan in 349, xianmen Yin has four generations supremo to death, xianmen fluctuation hong yan moan, just as in xianmen all call alas, Lord GuZu TianDa killed, will packing stole, this is the best wealth, with kwan-yin tuas net bottle of willow is an organic whole. One thousand years ago, the Buddha guanyin will willow separated from the root, calls do cat was packing, where in xianmen day with mountain, is the livelihood. Five hundred years ago, the fairy gate faction leader in congested travel to day with mountain, concept of dust fills the air in the mountains, hence in the mountains, fix true practice the spirit, absorb all reiki, get twice the result with half the effort, ten years later, to have dacheng. To carry forward the son built xianmen, spread of fix true, all the people to smell, to worship, already had thousands of door, cut from the magic to protect the people quiet. Xianmen founded in the seventh year, to carry forward the son one day with the top of the mountain in seven heavy TianDa build by laying bricks or stones, such packing for on the top of the tower, of heaven and earth together to xianmen disciple the fix true practice the spirit of not treasure.Xianmen three hundred, dust and xianjian cases of both sides, to the fourth generation owners have navigation, yoon sword two bad blood gas, dust, led by long ginger xi zong, advocating "gas impassability people, people don't imperial sword", and headed by the elders stone LuanShi xianjian, advocating "jianfa unknown, how to get together gas," as for orthodox, two parties fight.Nowadays, Yin has died navigation, packing stolen, xianmen messy, in order to reduce conflict, both sides rate disciple in the day with shandong mountain and west mountain two head, agreements, the search for a cat was packing whereabouts, which sent the first retrieved for orthodox, namely the elders can succeed fairy family five generation of owners. States, news, young men and women gathered in tang county, as in xianmen, rubbing their hands...System is introducedPartner: partners can help players battle, whether doing the task, make copies, arena PK or against the BOSS, the player is one of the partners, the more the more overall combat effectiveness,Mount: players can be gained by completing quests to mount, the mount can not only accelerate the speed, enhance team fighting attribute values, also can let the players between the gestures are different! Mount can also accompany players to grow!Arena: in the arena, players can challenge than himself on top of the other players, the same players may also be other low-ranking players to challenge, challenge success after the swap, the top challenge if failure, both places stayed the same.Soul system: evocation by cost money. Call out the spirits of bringing various gain effect and can be equipped with the player character to improve the competency of role players. Different spirits possess different gain effect, and can be upgraded.Crafting system: each role has six big spirit, to be set each spirit on six kinds of crafting (same kind) on crafting an inlay in the same spirit, crafting can significantly increase the percentage of combat attribute value role.Cross-server war: implement different area cross-server competition, players compete qiangqiang phase. Sealing, the day of the first Taiwan to multiple lists, multiple reward.Indiana stage mode: the most nostalgic "monopoly" game, complete the required task can get attractive rewards! Players can also get single every through one circle award treasure box, complete the more laps more treasure chest reward for more generous!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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