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[Tunnel warfare] Introduction

"Trench warfare" is the first of tunnel warfare with TPS shooting mobile game, mobile game shooting a new trend. With magnificent 3 d real scene to the extreme, feeling comfortable shooting experience, experience in the red flag the truest, the most realistic real battle!

[five levels, reappearing grand tunnels]
five grand real major hurdles, twenty subtle terrain small toll-gate, connected the various interlinked, coverage of tunnel network real reduction, and join the mystery of the hidden line and all kinds of new organs. Ingenious use of tunnel form, can with one enemy, complete body count.

[six characters, knife gun soldier rockets]
hand a sharp knife cut, and upright; The gunman was a good, in; Rocket gunner arise, a sublime side. You can choose to be possessed man, also can be a heroine. Combating dao hand or nearly far marines, as you switch at random, in the face of thousands of different types of invaders, USES the tit-for-tat weapon, do a resourceful fighters.

"powerful weapon, the road to help your body count"
bagua dao, horse-cutting saber, big ring, and other fine smell, very sharp. M1 carbines, people's rifle, DE

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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