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[Dou brain in The Three Kingdoms] Introduction

Intelligent boy, come play my bad!
with the fire of strategy & have spent Burn the legend of The Three Kingdoms you!
* by three kingdoms senior team building, national sporting TCG mobile game!
* without card strong growth evolution to outwit the card player to swim!
* no competition force numerical reality real-time PVP mobile game!
* wars in the fingertips of three kingdoms is coming! More blow to wait for your call!

the TCG games & have spent strategy in the mobile phone brings you face to face with all the challenges 】
group decided to play card, no card alone big, build your own card set, strategies for the king, against the vagaries of the game.
different style, the same challenge the limit and strategy!
【 3 minutes fast experience & have spent anytime and anywhere to fight wars 】
don't need to open the black N hour, also do not need to boring leveling.
3 minutes a game of brain ", the quick combat experience, to fight wars anytime and anywhere.
【 set in type card collection play & have spent refused to card growing pains 】
the card sets in as the core, game CARDS without growth evolution, the three countries will wait for you.
refused to pay a deep pit, get rid of traditional card games due to the card strength gap between the growth and evolution of players!
【 reality real-time PVP combat & have spent the first world war dominating the world famous 】
human real-time online play, there is no automatic combat Settings, purely mental duel, you fight every game will be different.
immediately joined with other players to compete, to fame.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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