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Homage to classic blood boiling, the original authorization card player swim "naruto - master ninja" sincerity online! Fire の will, inheritance by you! Japanese painting represent the ninja world, fetter entanglements a repeat of fate, the original NARUTO theme mobile game, accompany you to the next 15 years! Login now download games, send naruto, more shadow ninja, VIP privilege, silver piece reward multiple surprise waiting for you, such as welfare, next to say again first! The game features: 【 konoha monogatari, acme reduction! Comics, a prototype of the original image to present the card with the temperature of the memory, not copy the original unforgettable scenes konoha local conditions and customs, fun with love! The bully screen slay, a smash screen! The s-class big enough for how to release? "Naruto - ninja master" offering a bully screen \, enlarge characters, close-up to announce a break screen! 【 partners to recruit, die together! Recruiting master as partners, and line and cherish it. "Break the ninja world rules with the iron law of the people, we call him waste. But people who do not know attaches great importance to the company, even less waste!" 【 free team, the strongest king! Xiao team organization, eagle, the seventh, one thousand players have one thousand combinations. Tact squad's epic combination CARDS, to build the strongest king dream team! 【 fetter, the jedi to kill! "Dozen tiger brother, father and son play soldiers", "yoke" specific array shooting formation, improve battle CARDS, jedi against kill not talk! Customer service QQ: 4007555999 customer service telephone: 4007555999

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:2.1.0 Size:107.41M

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