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Greek gods fighting, Hera VS Zeus!!!!!

edit comments: ancient Greek gods fighting, Hera VS Zeus!!!!!

far eastern Siberia, the north wind roar, blizzard flying, the winter becomes exceptionally long, bad breath freely diffuse in the air. Uniting the glaciers is here, the accident rescue a man being pursued. Out of his mouth, the ice being told big changes in the mainland of the god of the Nordic, god and the god of war. Mysteriously disappeared after that, the glacier, yarn woven lead seiya and others visited the mainland the hierarch of multi-channel of god, but the other skirt around it, god field trip to nothing. Multi-channel sinister, under god fighter ambitions, the mainland ShiYao and saint area of god. Yarn woven into a hierarch trap, trapped in the shield of the dean. In order to rescue the goddess, save the earth, and the goddess of the Crusades and the Christian god fighter launched a deadly struggle...

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