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still playing CARDS? You OUT, quick to crazy horse racing together, new gameplay farewell

edit comments: still playing CARDS? You OUT, quick to crazy horse racing together, new gameplay farewell

still playing CARDS? You OUT, quick to crazy horse racing together, scrolling, a new play farewell powerful task system and abundant game mode for players to provide extraordinary entertainment experience.You can cultivate different RACES and lineages of daily of the first world war, and war horses to participate in the game, cross-server, Lord, gain experience and reward, also can be directly betting game to get a large number of gold COINS.Rich props system provide endless fun games, there is no absolute winner, everyone can become local tyrants!!!!!!The game features:1, stimulate the bet on the horses: deep-pocketed cross-server association league bets and exciting players betting, make your dream of success overnight.2, crazy event: 4 map, 20 venues, six real players track real-time online competition, and the clever use of props, the heat of the moment will be the most test players racing technology. If you are the best trainer, it would be quick to challenge!3, a copy of the brothers, brothers and sisters in the hundreds of copies of the siege at all levels of the magic horse, team's charm, let you win the daughter is hard to find the top material, synthetic to belong to own shirt!4, prick silk will: if you didn't have a horse, in reality there is no association membership, to crazy horse race, there is the world's most famous prick silk, and they will, you can build your own horse!If you, go forward, strong powerful warriors, so fast to conquer this game!You, if it is soft, delicate and charming be about to drip of girl, so fast to it. you lovely horse!If you are nothing... Then please leave as gambling Ma Fuhao guru, racing legend...

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:3.2.48 Size:50.03M

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