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[The light of adventure] Introduction

The light of "adventure" is a Q of horizontal version through action mobile game, to show you a lovely and lively, rich style, and personality is distinct world of adventure. A variety of equipment combination, free collocation with skills, jumping, climbing, and setting of the action of fly let you unlimited freedom to operate. Ever changing fashion, cool wing, to enjoy the title, make belong to your unique adventure world.

classic game features 】 【 adventure stories, classical two body plus Q printmaking wind, ever-changing scenarios
breakthroughs classic, the most cool skill big recruit, extraordinary combo to add cool effects
the three class nine skills free combination collocation, make extreme strong fighting spirit experience of
Q pet upgrades, equipment, star formed three systems to fight your most loyal partners, show MOE cool omnipotent
the multivariant fashion, cool wings, to enjoy the title, create only belong to you the king of the unique adventure
frank sporting pk, challenging test of warcraft, more association home, fight for honor

contact us 】 【's official website:
customer service hotline: 020-85166576
customer service QQ: 2355707429
customer service email: [email protected]

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:2.1.13 Size:100.56 MB

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