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===perfect world game profile===2015 3 d mobile game frequents strategy "red cliff - three cent world", in the story background of the battle of the three red cliff, collect set military commanders play set for transfers-will, culture, military commanders. Full 3 d spectacular scenes depict, which nearly three kingdoms, hundreds of special skills, combined with the powerful equipment system, thousands of squad collocation transformation, massive frequents copy, epic 3 d battle battle scenes, the ancient war strategy performance incisively and vividly! "Red cliff - three cent world" chibi battle to control you, and over the world, the ultimate level of enjoyment, let you experience the pleasure of reigns.===chibi battle Row of opinion My family===chibi battle, 4 X 8 squad free collocation with military commanders. Cavalry sprint, though penetration, marines followed, all show strategy for transfers-will ability. Ingenious, runoff thousands of miles away, for players to try seconds kill people pleasure. Three kingdoms warrior luxuriant appearance, hero talent whichever you want! A squad of his military commanders, classical beauty with you gallop jiangshan! Not only more spell spell military commanders mind, not the strongest warrior, only the strongest squad!===total of 3 d military commanders hero delicate style, visual feast===based on Unity 3 d engine production, strongest hero of holographic 3 d military commanders, grand battle scenes. To be a battlefield, the pleasure of unify the whole country. The beauty of beauties of amusement, tie-in and fortitude of three kingdoms to god, to help you in three kingdoms had the world! This is the real war.===mass copy Battle of fingertip control===mass copy, reduction of the three classic battle, to join the new combat element, take you experience unprecedented crazy, and history will captain against, and countless heroes fight for the league, the excellences legion, blood brothers were invited in three kingdoms, unify the whole country. Contact our customer service QQ: 2502729385

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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