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[The spirit of death - chop] Introduction

With intelligent dao to a soul in the name of a shock! Player watches the only genuine mobile game of death "the spirit of death - chop" will officially open beta on February 1. This marks the prelude to an unprecedented death a bloody battle looms, and players will also enjoy the perfect inherits the essence of the original animation ACT was blowing strong action brought by the storm. The spirit of death - cut as horizontal version ACT action mobile game, on the basis of inheriting the essence of the original perfect first unlimited changes to cut cycle knife battle mode, thousands of skill sets to deduce the most explosive soul world war ii. In terms of plot, players will play the official original role, with a black battery and other major role on the road to save Lucia, personally witness the story of this period have a boiling passion, back to our youth.

the original mobile game game play full open, players can experience: knead face system, the intelligent dao system, system soul, spirit sleep system, arms drill field system, lock system and twisted egg system, etc. There are five other will play in the game class system: arena, soul heat pipe, boss of the world, the god of death trial and gate-crashers celebrated soul world. In terms of plot, this version will be open to the agent of death, save the soul, a guard line of people save Lucia to enter and 13 times soul fight, the team leader and eventually in double Ji mound of ultimate showdown with behind-the-scenes boss aizen.

chop spirit sword form interface, can upgrade the skills, strengthen the breakthrough. All kinds of familiar role will meet with you in the form of the soul, after equipment can greatly enhance the attributes. Lock system, obtained the number of stars consumption customs clearance unlock promoted properties. Intelligent sleep system, players can through the way of random practice, to strengthen the spirit sleep, get addition on the properties.

the player can infinite times a day to enter arms drill field battle with other players. Each season after the settlement, can change to the only arms drill field in the store again to cut cycle knife blade if fire - flow.

in the "death" in the original animation, beheaded 'o knife is a god of death are used to attack weapons, as fighting in the whole animation core, cut the status and significance of intelligent dao is obvious. Only the original mobile game of death "the spirit of death - chop" continuation of the classic set in the animation, the carefully designed to cut 'o knife system. The spirit of death - cut is not set up the professional system, but with the chop 'o knife switch this new mode to replace the traditional mobile game professional Settings. In combat, players can carry three cut 'o knife at the same time, in addition to cut intelligent dao's own attributes of character attributes in addition, players can also by switching to cut 'o knife skills to implement change and the change of the combat. Ichigo has scooped the month, and the players are in the spirit of death - cut can all the magic in the world, choose the strongest of the three. This will greatly improve the whole game interesting and playability.

what exactly cut spirit DaoHui have appeared in the spirit of death - chop? Represent all the original classic elements, in addition to the well-known characters based on plot successively appeared "the spirit of death - chop, chop spirit sword will sent out the core members of the same family. In the spirit of death - chop chop 'o knife project, the players are looking forward to dao jian directory publicly for the first time. To cut in and killed hid in the handicrafts, emerald pill, grey cat, etc., who struck in the animation we chop spirit out knife will be assembled, for the upcoming bloody battle axe. With a knife as a public directory, chop spirit knife skills are also open at the same time, the spirit of death - cut direct reduction animation, will chop spirit sword skills into the original game designed to cut 'o knife skill system now, fans in the game of death will experience a animation element, seamless soul world. Using in-game cut 'o knife, this is awakened the youth memory, but also meet the independent war!

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