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[Empress wei zifu] Introduction

【 summary 】 the TV series empress wei zifu licensed with the same the only official authorized mobile game! At the beginning of 2015's most popular harem through mobile game - "empress wei zifu hardcover listed! Lovely character, delicate pages, atmospheric plot, let you have our own through legend! After the bitch is melodramatic, game introduction 】 【 xian is king! Large gold mobile game empress wei zifu, let you feel not the same across the trip! Lovely beautiful antique fusion expression, players notice, please watch your going to melt in the process of playing small heart! Restore storyline with same series, and can't fashion style, "empress wei zifu" is one of the mobile game of all human essential! Beauty as a cloud, the game features 】 【 are lovely, delicate painters with relaxed expression, that is the essence of game entertainment function good yao! Classic, ingenious plot - can through do the empress wei zifu, after a hen do addiction will be very exciting! IQ test, detection of emotional intelligence - can you hold the other half of your side, to play the empress wei zifu will know the truth! Huge team, learn to calm, ripple on the flowers, more cheating! All kinds of abdomen black friend will let through the process is very interesting! The simulation experience, do a real strong woman! - want to know how weak you are now? After the play "who" teacher "to develop good, abandon the past yourself!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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