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App Type:Network Game
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[High winds sword soul] Introduction

The wind sword soul - DNF champion endorsements, grade film images truly represent different sky city and the underworld ACTS war, skills strategy play free collocation, pure arcade fighting deduce the real handle level hit feeling, experience the real combat high energy; The deep copy drops orange magic, top grade PVP, mindless spell no longer value! Luxuriant awakening miracle full-screen crit seconds kill BOSS, give you crush all refreshed!

【 skills free joker and standing pile output say goodbye 】 combined system combining with the strategic skills, combat with ever bring super frank combat experience!
【 beautiful cool magic Acura exclusive weapons fashioned 】 in the deep test for magic, to force the attribute + variable appearance forging weapons for you!
【 peak PVP competitive K.O full spoke only by hand speed 】 the online PK fireworks, satisfy each fighting mad blood desire!
the awakening a key release Detonation tons damage enemies easily 】 film cool awakening skill level slow motion effect, a key casting full screen crit challenges the limit of action!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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