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[Cross summoners] Introduction

The world's first floating space bucket RPG grand debut! Super shock and real time generation mobile game action RPG! Simple operation combined with graceful themes of the casting and combo make people gain unparalleled generous combat experience!
the game features:
1. The graphics to enjoy! Gorgeous simple 2 d sequence frame grade film visual enjoy fighting game!
using the latest 3 d rotating turbine type camera distribution technology, make the meaning of fighting skills achieve super gorgeous effect, casting unit each role has its own unique to
meaning skills effect, please enjoy this visual feast!
2. The game operating breakthrough! Through the interaction of ground-to-air combat system, and by new ground to air combat experience!
the game with melee, ranged, and spell, treatment such as various types of attacks, according to the combination of the players to play the super combo operation, air combo, learn good cast lore timing allows you to defeat a more powerful enemy BOSS level, beat the BOSS level the enemy's tricks skills!
3. The game story of innovation! Secondary yuan friend's story through time experience!
in the game has a random plot system of innovation, when you have a new friend can random encounters and different personalities of the plot, to have kept you in the game has more depth to explore the story of a whole new game plot and recruit experience!
4. The use of game strategy! Slay the combination of skills and partner, soul and equipment choice, the number of star inventory configuration!
combinations of different friend can experience more different kill more combination effect, no matter from the game strategy, combat operations, attribute growth aspects of gameplay will give you an unprecedented new gaming experience!
add cross summoners 360 official group: 95343819 package, exclusive benefits and the latest information, from soup to nuts!
if you encounter any problems in the game, or you need to put forward any valuable opinions, but feel free to contact our customer service personnel!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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