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[A god of death to wake up] Introduction

"Death awareness" adapted from the wildly popular cartoon "death Bleach", from the plot to figure forms the perfect reduction, the game USES the new gesture to delimit screen operation, bid farewell to the traditional virtual joystick, mobile, defense, combo, blood fighting between the cross point. Game, players will control a black battery protect vision of the wonderful adventure, revisit, virtual night palace, soul empty seats at such classic battle. Cut the soul knife, ghost dao, formed, and a swastika solutions such as system, allows you to experience the most comprehensive collection and a play, the role of build by a god of death's strongest team!

the game features:
100% to end the original painted reproduction
the picture, a person, forms, scenes, music, drama and 100% reduction, faithfully to the original powder impeccably

to end the fighting painted new mobile game
abandoned virtual joystick, innovation gestures to delimit screen operation, touch point, after amplification, violent combo, combat instant pleasure extraordinary

u true swastika painted solution
which nearly the original character collection form, character shape and growth change forms, realize the real swastika solution

24 h activity u u
adjustment for hell, destiny confrontation, judicial trial... All-weather activity, tired also can bubble hot spring

u woman painted death association
death charm more than ten women, put on beautiful drag show, luxuriant strikers skills help you instant winner

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.1.27 Size:226 MB

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