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[Dou luo continent celestial legend] Introduction

Phenomenal RPG card player swim "dou luo continent celestial legend" I set the rules, I break the rules! Break through traditional graphic card mode, luxuriant scene effects, amazing soul converging attack, relying on the original classic drama, combined with the features of characters in the original image, the perfect reduction characters, plot a recruit a type of special design, sense of shock frank blow. Such as soul, the soul of bone for fighting game will bring you a better game experience, for players to experience XiuShen trip full of adventure and dream.

celestial internal contradictions gradually upgrade, destruction he intended to expand the territory, by sea, so god god united seven deadly SINS, a celestial insurgency, imprisoned for Neptune, phoenix, upon shef, nine color fairy god, etc. The god of justice. To rescue the triton, the god of the mood, butterfly joint read melting ice, the god of life, god seven elements and original sin god in the land of the forbidden god showdown.
the protagonist as a system to save sea gods, participated in the battle, but in the destruction of thunder god through time and space, back to the tang dynasty three, small dance add shrek institute. From then on, with tang three experience moved exciting and full of adventure.

game features 】 【> sole legitimate authorization:
authorized by the king of the article TangGuSanShao genuine adaptation, 100% reduction dou luo continent prototype characters and story background, the perfect reappearance original novel plot!

> dream picture:
the traditional CARDS flat performance, perfect people be vividly portrayed. Join the fantastic dynamic lighting effects, vivid scene, gorgeous effect, large proportion of BOSS modelling, restore a vibrant Luo Shijie fights for you!

> new style design:
break the career for life, give players free choice! Hundreds of the masters ready, free collocation skill fashion, follow one's inclinations to enjoy different masters combination brings pleasure fighting!

> excited great combat experience:
we pursue full of fight feeling experience, abandon the traditional card rigid way of fighting, the introduction of 3 d CARDS, soul converging attack, all kinds of gorgeous skill is waiting for you to fight!

> crazy welfare constantly:
highlights uninterrupted, orange card, seven days free of charge. More ultra violet card rate, close the newbie guide, make new instant great god!

contact us 】 【 if you like our game, please feel free to give us evaluation, leave a message.
customer service QQ: 848890751

the support system and equipment 】
the android platform: Android2.3 version and above, memory 1 g or above;

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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