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[The king of zero] Introduction

"Zero king" is the "father" of up to the river together to create the original state cashman, pure changed mecha + multi-functional high-definition 3 d map of the country's first mecha fighting mobile game. Game collection with blue arc mecha animated cartoon 10 years subjects and 300 huge lineup of prototype machinery set! Solid 3 d science fiction in the history of the largest robot alliance. Interlocking challenges scenarios, advanced super powers weapons, with high quality reduction 3 d picture, let you be mecha overlord in the world of zero.

game features 】 【
* blue arc animation work ten years background outbreak

sunshine attack, happy and cool, steel dragon, super beast armed, wu war and so on five big anime IP together, 300 huge lineup of prototype machinery set! 3 d science fiction creating the largest in the history of the robot.

"the most wonderful up to combat series mobile game

by the" father "of up to the river the original bond men together to create, pure 3 d changed walker fighting mecha the country's first mobile game!

"the most thrilling PVE combat challenge

by interlocking challenges scenarios, let the mecha fighting wars are bulging with unprecedented enthusiasm.

low fantasy future hand entity battles

advanced super powers weapons, future battle mecha, handheld combat has never been so sci-fi jing is colourful!

low Unity 3 d realistic mecha turbulence.

with high quality reduction 3 d picture, let you be mecha overlord in the world of zero.

updates 】 【 this new version update:
much-anticipated, super galaxy rabbit fit mecha domineering appearance! The walker by as much as the father of the "super" beyond the original bond man himself, not only appearance, strength is at its peak level.
lucky wheel turn, exclusive mecha dragon three fit, galaxy rabbit 3 mecha is waiting for you back to base! More free lottery chance every day, friends do not waste oh ~
a new gold VIP blockbuster hit! First come out strong meat shield lieutenant force yuan bully, resistance to play, the charge with you!
New Year's day time Thanksgiving activities open! Lucky fountain send generous gift, 100% winning! Quick to spell spell luck!
activities more surprise waiting for you find oh, come together to manipulate the top mecha, become the strongest zero king!!!!

1, the super rabbit Milky Way fit mecha join;
2, dragon three fit mecha join;
3, lucky guy to join;
4, gold VIP open;
5, the New Year's day award activity open;

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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