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[Bull won awards] Introduction

Bullfighting win awards

game features 】 【 u just download to send gold, visitors log in without registration!
u login sign in all prize, daily mission challenges constantly! Painted
bankruptcy protection ceaselessly, new frank per second game!
u interface beautifully animated delicate, shock visual impact experience!
painted a huge number of players together online, a total of ten thousand people fight! Painted
the phone being productive, play various local tyrants gathered painted
and reverse, cattle luck wisdom in the end!

"the rules of the game"

card except for a pack of poker games with big wang, a total of 52. The number of players is 2 to 5 people, each randomly 5 CARDS, then choose banker with multiple, players according to five CARDS of permutation and combination, and sent home and banker size compared to determine the outcome.

10, J, Q and K are written down to 10, other calculated on digital CARDS, players need to make up the sum of any three CARDS by calculation of 10 integer multiples, card type size to determine the outcome of the basic rule of pit board games.

the game start click multiples or rob zhuang zhuang - double - click on the own brand selected three - click on an ox or cow, bright.

1, card type order by size: five calves, all cattle, four Fried, niuniu, cattle, cattle.

2, there are cattle card type: cattle nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, and that a cow.

3, if the card type, is more points. Card points of size: K, A minimum.

4, points are same design and color, with some spades> of red peach plum flower> square

5. Sent home bright brand first, banker last light.

6. Sent home. Cattle and more big, the next game will automatically become a banker

updates 】 【 new features:
1, increasing the big wheel
3, modify payment process, the adjustment entry sorting
4, zap numerical
5, modify zap process CARDS to buy gold coin problem

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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