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[The song of fate] Introduction

Game description: easy, super god is not easy, and to play and to cherish. In 2014, the most sincere the conscience of the card, "song of fate" limit free open today, even open a new clothing boom, speed to watch!

"song of fate" inherited the classic magic the gathering essence of play, is a global synchronous launch, highly praise card RPG game players. The class level LOL style collection card, diversity of rich RPG game tie-in effect, fusion, more unique team PK, ten thousand cross-server competition and other high-end game let you play your CARDS!

* * * * * * game features

daily activities brought kept 】 【 easily with the daily tasks, diamond gold prize not over; Festivals are more popular activities regularly, send constantly surprise!

[one hundred kind of card you pick to 】
hundreds of LOL level collection card for you to play with style, exquisite map overwhelmed, adding to the collection of fun!

so combination law bucket 】 【 horde and alliance, undead 3 big race, one hundred kinds of technique; Carefully designed combination strategy, let you fondle admiringly.

flowery characteristics sway eyes 】 【 lightning, fire, wind, ice, all kinds of beautiful dazzling special effects skills, take you confront magic world!

【 equip mashup crown the world 】
combined with powerful paper doll outfit system, domestic initiative; Dress up your leading role, and show the strongest appearance!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:2.0.9 Size:52.06M

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