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[The magic spirit fantasy] Introduction

Iconic 3 d online RPG fantasy "spirit, ten thousand people with clothes! National emotional endorsement goddess Lin and 11 point goddess recommended, "the magic spirit fantasy" tzu chi ling love! Strong strategy to burn brain game, team play the father; Threat of leading skills, manual control critical moment to turn things around. Of blasting with familiar little golden pig, cool wings growing local tyrants, best than fashion personality, catchy title flash blindness.

detonation point 1: high precision 3 d modeling of building theaters level picture
3 w + high precision modeling, handheld theater stage audio-visual enjoyment, particle effects make CG battle scenes, blasting screen that didn't stop.

detonation point 2: Korean style by MOE Two head and steamed stuffed bun face expression emperor
detonation of Korea two steamed stuffed bun face, set, dynamic technology application action flowing, street dance striptease is not matter, a square dance is quite shocking.

detonation point three: four professional talent, zero cost free switch
methods bow thief four professional talent, zero cost a key switch talent, a professional two play.

detonation point four: team PK eight guardians, high AI down
unique set the guardian to strategy, modelling cool AI is high, the team to push strategy to

detonation point 5: true online MMO world ten thousand people with service
ten thousand people with big world; bubble sister, gay friends, chat poking fun at free.

detonation point 6: diamond can be freely traded, play games and earn money
100% free trade, diamond can be obtained directly, play games and earn money, poor diao wire spring.

detonation point 7: a key team anytime and anywhere, PK task not alone
a key team system matching super convenient, mother don't have to worry I a person to play the game!

detonation point 8: one thousand regiment war strategy is king, super rich PVP game
one hundred conference one thousand regiment, 1 v1 one-on-one hit, 3 v3 melee choose a variety of patterns, wild free PK can.

detonation point 9: one hundred species of personality of pet nurturance, skills collocation can connect with
more than popularity of pets, keep a saber to cut, 100% reduction pet tricks personality, talent to play even with a variety of combination way.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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