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On November 25, 2014, 10 a.m., "cannon sister" sexy sprout sister panzer corps on time to be struck.The cannon younger sister "is a characteristics of depicting the weapon niang game card collection. Game is fundamental key with Japanese anime style picture, with the growth of the card, fighting, collected as the core of mobile phone games. Break traditional card games and mechanical operation of the brain game mode, players can, for transfers-will build exclusive fight her team, eyeball's combat clothing design, enjoy the cool technique could lead to the perfection of visual experience. At one of the country's top line card dubbing, can let you find everything new and fresh!The gun: for the original "gun elder sister OL" with the type of hand travel.(1) diffuse fan big surprise 】 【 new trend, the secret service machine niang wind theme. Let you experience the perfect fusion of armor and sister.The cannon: secondary yuan temptation to instantly kill the "teachers" in the hard disk!(2) gather voice control big surprise 】 【 the making world's top luxury lineup, the zerg queen acoustic again! These three fairy three aftertaste again! There are new generation of leader peach treasure voice in.Each card behind the gun sister, has a charming voice encounters.(3) high play big surprise variety 】 the strategy of challenge, a variety of combinations to choose advanced play. Let play hardcore high, a new card difficult challenges. Use your head, have a ball.To be wise in the gun: commander, need the baptism of tough battle.(4) military enthusiasts big surprise 】 【 a sister takes you through the second world war, to relive those classic battle, open a new chapter together with the girls.The cannon: a recommended for history teachers taste good teaching materials of world war ii."Don't delete file closed open content"1, open to the level of 70, in the open to level 702, activity:The arenaFemale shrinesTime and space fortressGold plunderedSteel sphereKing:Research and development centerThe tea restaurantMystery shop3, war ji: strengthening, evolution and breakthroughEquipment:Decomposition of the cardThe card combination the fateCustomer service telephone: 4008201592Customer service email: [email protected] new features1, games, appropriate optimization2, enhance the gaming experience3, increase the speed of the game run

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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