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Gestures to combat! Sword broken soul! A new combat model defined by you! Detonation of universal combat new frenzy!More than 20 billion players approved fighting hand;2014 media joint recommendation: annual most worthy collection of arcade fighting hand swim!To micro operations combat as the core gameplay, to drive the whole body senses as experience, with super real blow to give you a comprehensive range of combat entertainment experience. Fusion of currently popular leisure, Q version of the online game elements, such as creating infinite combo, particle effects, and many other unique visual, functional material, give your eyes, hands, heart triple top entertainment to enjoy!Taken the painted incomparable pleasureInnovative manual operation mode.Strengthen the fighting combo degrees of freedom.Japan and South Korea is a quality, deduce the most fantastic skills combo effects.Taken the painted the temptation of the spring brightnessSoft sister royal elder sister: Korean cartoon visual surrender royal elder sister Down, lori.Freedom: 360 - degree mobile AOE no target selection.Fashion: sexy cute handsome, dozens of sets of fashion is always a suitable for you!Taken the streamlined painted ferrari's experienceMMOACT: rub stage mode Real-time combat All intelligent action version of the arcade fighting hand tour.A copy of the survival: there is Don't open Experience with one enemy of all the "mowing the lawn" pleasure.Elite crusade: new Boss war Individual raids and group army Follow one's inclinations.Explosive visual system, cool and refreshing function department, also prefer something else? Looking forward to your join sword to accept the baptism of the soul of the world.The official QQ group:A group of: 159988267The second group: 154584479Customer service email: [email protected]

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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