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[Red alert 4: army war] Introduction

Ten thousand people with clothing First-class fighting pleasure!

edit comments: the classic red alert Ten thousand people with clothing First-class fighting pleasure!

【 world hero, multiple hao li blew the old players to return to the assembly 】Activity 1: old players return to win gift, October 16 to 29 October purple hero, upgrade gift bag, top-up rebate and so on four big gifts welcome old players return to red alert!Activity 2:12:00 to October 16 October 23rd 12:00 new suits the French theater players for the first time return the first flush amount is 100% of the greenback.Activity 3:12:00 on October 16, 11 and October 20 new suit French theater player base level is above level 30, can obtain a level 80, Gail, exploits 2 w, 10 purple ball of energy.Hero equipment large version, hero fighting up now!Classic red alert! First-class combat pleasure, coming battlefield command hordes!Ten thousand people online, the corps operationsRich combat effects, take you again in the real battlefield!Classic red alert, blood heroThe game features.Nostalgia: return to red alertBe loyal to the classic, mobile experience!Passion: passion of actual combatTen thousand people online, the regiment war, real-time control of the battlefield!Challenge: strategyFree collocation buildings, diverse base layout, reflect the battlefield wisdom!Hero: jedi counter attackLimited hero, battlefield, exclusive skills help you game changing jedi counter attack!We provide 7 x24 little sister ShiMeng customer service yo ~ 】Customer service telephone: 028-66766464Customer service email: [email protected] official BBS: service QQ: 800093212Weibo @ alert 4 _ the rise of great powersThe official micro letter: hongjing4

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:4.5.1 Size:37.59M

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