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Greek epic themes, sweep the worldRise of the god of war "is a RPG action is set in the ancient Greek myth of the hand, rich and exquisite creation myths of the western culture, to bring players of real and virtual world impact alternately, for players to experience personally.Innovation refers to the slide combat and start a tour new handTake simple finger sliding battle for players hands free, relaxed and comfortable operation, roll to dodge attacks at the same time, the players operating fun, thoroughly break the rigid attack mode, you can skilled movement, while the release of the flexible skills, make the combat action.【 introduction 】 game2014 peak extravaganza ARPG hand swim "the rise of the ares" front-loaded, unique style in Europe and the magic of super fine 3 d game scene, enjoy the strongest blow feeling gorgeous combo skills. Play more mass characteristics, chang let you don't stop playing!The holy grail of the dark under the revenge of the goddess of the night came, the world is dominated by the evil, as the creator gods metempsychosis back you with fate, fight together with the goddess of wisdom, Athena.You will save into disaster around the city, to rewrite the different myths, set foot on the diablo grail seal and restore order to the world peace.【 profession introduction 】Paladin believed in the majesty of god, to guarantee the fairness and integrity, has a strong defense, pike, handheld knight is the thickest three occupational health index, at the same time also is serious in the second group of blame, if you like to use this melee role of meat shield type, paladin is definitely your first choice.Leng yan, was born the mystery of the dark knight is the only professional with double weapon in the game, decisive and cold to her character, agility in combat, is good at holding a sword with the attack with a high output. Has a strong damage and crit, continuous damage to the enemy, combo is said to have reached a certain number can trigger a jump cut, jump cut can be launched with evasive action.Soldiers on the battlefield, forever the first charge, the last to leave. They use action to prove that no one can become their opponents, no one can stop their way! Crazy zen is depend on the fitness exercise, combat career, tall, strong, flexible body is soldier's capital, he is good at using the big sword and melee attack, a recruit freaky out deadly, at the same time is very good at protracted war.The game features.Majestic game scenes, beautiful 3 d characters to the extreme, bring players brand-new visual feast;Innovation combat experience, special skills show luxuriant, for players to play in the mobile platform easily chang;More adjutant to the soul, to join the rich fantasy heroes to recruit, in conjunction with players fight oh;Game offers luxuriant equipment suit, novel dressing meet the growing pursuit of players and collect desire!Contact usIf you meet any problem in the game, please do not hesitate to contact us!Customer service telephone: 0799-6770077Players exchange group: 342684526

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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