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[Soul fighter] Introduction

The soul fighter "is a pure 3 dmmorpg grapple recruit mobile phone games, manual operation, the virtual keys, you can experience the blow snappy combat, collect the soul of the enemy in the battle at the same time, for their own growth, let you become a real fighter.Game about bar into a mysterious world, soul fighter and rebirth of positive, has a fascinating plot, unique image copy of the presentation and challenging BOSS, absolutely shock your senses.Soul group of soul is the soul "the fighter" professional, the professional characteristics of different give you different combat experience, she "gale" feminine appearance, makes skillful hand broken soul edge section stick, is good at to fight to the enemy in wind cannot dodge damage; Uncle "basalt" has the body strong and hard, often the body, have used deterrent overwhelms the imposing manner of the enemy; Royal elder sister "moon dance" good at making the masterminds dense silver needle, don't be charmed by her amazing set, the next second is likely to fly in a deadly needles; Exemptions "green power" has a beautiful appearance, a duo spirit jade Xiao Di walked all over the world, the handsome prince, not only is the little girl looked to be attracted to live, even the normal man can escape.In addition to a copy of the battle mode, as well as dojo, treasure hunt, struggle, such as competitive play, superior combat experience, and assisted by accompanied by automation to fight, universal can incarnate soul fighter, a mature role into play, talents, skills, equipment, and the soul growth, what are you waiting for? Join the soul fighter, fighting for the soul!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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