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[The river's lake lover] Introduction

"Lover", sinister jianghu also there is a love, a martial arts RPG tour, hand in a ratio in the river's lake, you can recruit the right beauty, can also participate in interesting rob close, in my spare time, also can attend article draft, rich activities, such as river's lake indiana woman warrior wait for your sample and let you easily experience in jianghu world be immersed in love, you can recruit beauty pets, mounts, strengthening equipment, with brothers blood PK, create a burst of, also can experience the charm of jin yong's QunXia challenge!

activities activities 】 【 1: first filling ingots 300% return to full activity
2: single top-up more to force, prepaid phone, the more the more return to activity 3: gang level contest and activity of wing everyone have a
4: personal impact grade grand prix, impact grade I send you silver piece
5: heroes standings ranked contest, wing to send

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:2.40 Size:52.66M

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