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App Type:Casual Puzzle
Size:98.4 MB

[Monte zuma 3] Introduction

"Monte zuma 3" is the east west is * issued a fine game of three types of diabetes, with exquisite images, smooth animation, moving music, incredible interoperability and artistry, the representative works of this kind of casual games. It will be front-loaded, become combination to eliminate gamers * game not to be missed!
use totems mana strategically, can help you to get high score enough to win the magic star, the star of the magic can help you to upgrade to the * best reward items.
you can complete some levels between unlimited puzzles, in order to get more magic star.
what are you waiting for, fast on looking for treasure adventure!

described above in violation of the content of the advertisement law, automatic substitute *

updates 】 【 in the game, a total of five vault 160 levels, only when all levels of gold in the treasure chest all light, under a treasure chest will remove seal; Also peppered with 42 racking their brains puzzle levels, and leisure mode and experts are available, the game can you won 22 achievement award, was playing up and don't want to let go!
what are you waiting for, fast monte zuma world, get the mysterious treasure! What are you waiting for, fast on looking for treasure adventure!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:1.1.0 Size:98.4 MB

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