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[Cool rat agents] Introduction

Cool rat agents a blend of the action, eliminate, parkour, casual mobile game strategy elements.
is described as "Mary's car", "Mr Drill", and "bomb superman" complex "cool rat agents gameplay is very simple, the player must control" agent Z warrior "using shock waves to destroy bricks, destroyed the bricks will bricks are available by the above, the adjacent bricks will be in harmony of the same color with a color of big brick, according to the arrangement of bricks to create * short pass of time.
the game's story is a villain named carew forces intent rob planet al crystal, they heard that as long as collecting shiny dragon can restart the spacecraft, the guardians of the planet cool rat agent team to start, with salomon kalou bianconeri plunder crystal struggle! Cool special agents of the rat ability, is called a tran, mouse, yes, the inside of the image is dragonball popular role, alex! Of course you also can choose more you like the leading role of oh!

updates 】 【 【 game features 】

innovation square rule:
the same color of the adjacent squares merge into one. The way of different weapons gun attack, elimination of square no longer drab.

a variety of patterns challenge:
time to collect BOSS challenge racing props demining mode outbreak, receive mission impossible, let you experience the gallant Tom!

the rich level design:
the single-player mode for a total of six chapters more than 400 levels, each level has different test and format, and operating with other players in the capsule agents with PK, see who operate more cattle X, rob rankings have diamond rewards!

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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