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App Type:Casual Puzzle

[Rune master] Introduction

An unprecedented game!
challenge the limits of your thinking!

easy to eliminate games, concise image, ultra high playability.

many levels, a variety of challenges.
to accept the challenges together, become a customs clearance's got talent!

low addictive puzzle games.
"the rules of the game is fun and simple.
low combo, multiple eliminate magnificent picture sense.
like go, test lead consciousness of puzzles.
* enjoy more style.
low optimization of touch screen interface.
low support apple game center (list, the list of accomplishments).

game play
low in spirit numeric value corresponding to the number of times, the rune can be arbitrary to eight direction.
when four or more same color runes to eliminate known as a "success", "double elimination of" eliminating two behavior at a time, a "triple eliminate", eliminate three behavior is greater than or equal to two rows to eliminate were "multiple elimination".
"complete" multiple elimination ", integral and spirit will increase in proportion according to eliminate the number.
successfully eliminated, above the rune drops to fill the blank space, at this time the emergence of new eliminate referred to as the "combo", more rewarding.
low score can pass for achieving goals.
where each level is composed of five difficulty in turn up small clearance.
low current levels, automatic unlock the next level.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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Latest version:3.0.2 Size:40.19M

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