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[A plane war] Introduction

Civil aircraft wars by tencent, the speed of light studio and micro letter plane war player-wise building, a plane war inherit the vertical version of the classic war plane flight shooting game, the game screen using the pure and fresh and bright cartoon style, picture gorgeous and meticulous, more fit to join the new methods, for players to experience a different plane. Among them, the pet game can be directly in the game with players use fire destroy enemy planes. At present a total of four aircraft, respectively is angel wings of adventure, sweetheart ares, counter attack and griffin ares for players to use.Painted to end game features- new fighter "fit". Really fit with friends of the flight shooting game. After fit, the body is more cool, barrage more luxuriant, blunt points easier.Diversification - growth. Rich and elegant body and a variety of lovely pets for players to choose, and for players to enjoy the pleasure of upgrade form.- super frank battle. The most simple operation, as long as a finger, can freely roam the sky. Rich variety of enemy planes flying in and let you feel stimulation battle, more checkpoints waiting for you to challenge.- the continuation of the classic, more rich gaming experience. Inherit the plane war classic game, on the basis of this picture is more elegant, play more diverse, with more fighting, gaining a crazy playing plane war frenzy.- cool crazy dragged the body, handsome beauty of pilots. Rich variety of aircraft is the game is a major bright spot. Each aircraft has its own unique appearance and characteristics, for players on the way to cultivate won't be tired. A variety of different aircraft pilots, or handsome or sexy or soft, they will always accompany the player's trip to the blue sky.- rich props, to help you to become the king of the sky. In the mall can buy a variety of auxiliary items, destroyed by enemy planes flying in and out of the probability drop the effect of different random items, to help players to fly farther than ever, fighting is more bright.In one unit. With your micro letter friends, QQ friends, see who is the ace. To challenge for "good friends machine, constantly surpassing.

Supported resolutions:320x240,320x480,480x854,480x800,960x540

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